Holidays on all paths

Just walking the town of Stolberg is already full of allurements for passionate hikers: behind each of the small frame house alleys little pathways lead you out of the valley onto the neighboring mountain ridges - after a few steps you have left the town’s center and find yourself in the midst of a vast hiking area. Clearly signposted hiking routes of various degrees of difficulty will let your heart beat faster.

And if you like more you can take the large tour: the 250 km karst hiking trail, reaching from Lower Saxonia via Thuringia to a place nearby Sangerhausen. On the way there is lots to discover in the nature: caves, dolines, collapse sinkholes, karst sources, stream sinks, gypsum rocks and a rich wildlife. Guided tours make the start easy, professionals can collect points for the „Harzer Wandernadel“ and even as a geocacher you will get your money’s worth at many hidden places.

Tips for your holidays:

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