Picture-perfect holidays

In the springtime lush sea of flowers in the awakening beech grove, in summer brisk mountain streams and chilly forest trails below a dense leafy canopy, in fall the belling of the deer from the golden forest, in winter a magnificent white landscape: southern Harz is a magical landscape. You are right in the middle: in an old timber-framed town from which now and then little hidden trails lead to the adjacent mountains. High above the church and the market place the castle is enthroned and right next to the street Thyra river runs through the valley.

Your day trips will lead you to old cloisters, mighty palatinates, hidden castle ruins and into quaint cave landscapes. In the evenings you will sit on the forest lounge under the starry sky, watch the elaborate flight abilities of the bats and wait for the tryst of the deer on the edge of the forest. In the morning you will enjoy the view onto the vast landscape from your window and how the mountain ridge arises from the morning mist. A new day in FreiWerk begins!

Tips for you holidays:

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