Historical new class charm

In 1894 a shipowner tycoon from Bremen discovered the Thyra cave for himself and erected his summer residence here in Harz as a representative frame work construction with a huge main building. In 1920 the house was enlarged and got it’s prominent tower room. After 1945 the area was used as a recreation home and training center, after 1990 as a hotel with varying lessees. The unfortunate lessees and their well-intentioned reconstructions destroyed the original character of the facilities almost completely within just a few years.

In 2011 the architectural nugget orphaned in a loveless auction. Dr. Clemens Ritter von Kempski bought the area and gave the house a new chance. After a ground-up renovation with historically oriented restoration the cautious return to former glory began. Primal room structures were restored, panelings newly carved out, the foyer was opened with a lightening gallery and the rooms furnished.

Today the soul of the house is freed and the primal work restored. Reopened as a hotel and forest lounge in 2014 FreiWerk has returned to Stolberg.