Not a place like any other.
Not a house like any other.

Down in the valley the medieval frame house alleys of Stolberg nestle into Thyra and Schmale Lude valley. High above, on Thyra height, the view opens vastly onto the densely wooded mountains of southern Harz. This is where FreiWerk is located: just a stone’s throw away from the town’s center, just with the right distance from the vivid Stolberg market place, a view into the valley and the dense beech groves in one’s back.

Our house with its prominent frame house facade, turrets, gables and oriels is a real eye-catcher. It welcomes you on the gallery lobby with lots of space, light and atmosphere. We preserved its 120 years of history during reconstruction – but with its modern comfort, FreiWerk is setting very different standards today. Enjoy the amenities of your room, the fresh regional cuisine of our restaurant, the diversity of our house and the great view from our forest lounge!



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