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Our small, but lovely sauna and fitness area are like our hotel philosophy: really relaxed. Our guests find a haven of tranquility here which makes the hustle and bustle of the world seem far away. The warmth of the panorama sauna, a classic sauna with 80 to 100 °C and low humidity – relaxes the muscles, soothes the mind and brings you back in harmony with your body.
Our mild herbal sauna is at 46 to 65 °C gentle on the circulation. The valuable ingredients of the fragrant herbs provide for a sense of well-being. Frequently having a sauna boosts the body‘s defences against infections, relaxes the muscles, trains the cardiovascular system and regulates the blood pressure.



A place for the strong


Two bicycle ergometers, plus a treadmill, wall bar, cable pull and rowing machine are available to you in our high-quality fitness area to let off some steam and continue your usual fitness programme. It is simply more fun to train in a beautiful surrounding, that is why we decided to equip the fitness room with exclusive and innovative equipment that combines design and functionality in a completely unique way. They are well-thought-out, made from natural, renewable materials and constructed to cut a really good figure. 

The fitness equipment is partly made from solid, oiled wood, is built in a factory in Germany and has won a design award. Justifiably so, because it is the most beautiful sports equipment a sneaker has ever encountered. So do not forget to pack your sports gear in your suitcase! Even a short workout with the Swing dumbbells – made of wood and leather – becomes a great experience.

The area around our hotel also offers plenty of opportunities for our active guests – whether it is hiking, mountain biking, e-biking, swimming or playing tennis on the on-site courts of our sister hotel Naturresort Schindelbruch.

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Fachwerkvilla des Romantik Hotels FreiWerk mit dem neu eröffneten Anbau

Eagerly anticipating the upcoming downtime is almost as exciting as the vacation itself. Picturing the beautiful discovery of the FreiWerk, Stolberg and Harz Mountains – that provides feelings of happiness well in advance.


Finally there will be time for hiking, for exploring architecture and culture - and also for just being plain lazy. Enjoy the feeling of anticipation, the most beautiful way to wait, and book your next FreiWerk vacation now!

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